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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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found containing combat tactics and an arsenal two years in the making.>> he knew what he was doing. this wasn't some novice. >> he had hundreds of rounds of magazines attached to his body the night of the shooting when he told police negotiators he wanted to kill more cops. authorities ultimately killed johnson with a bomb on a police robot. >> this wasn't an ethical dilemma for me. i would do it again. i would do it again to save the officer lives. >> two police cruisers parked in front of the dallas pd headquarters have turned into a memorial. this morning a moment of silence for the officers. dallas police chief david brown praising cops around the nation are doing jobs that perhaps shouldn't be theirs to do. >> we get asked to do too much. we put the failures on the cops. >> president obama will be in dallas tomorrow to speak at a
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privately meet with the families of the slain officers. vice president joe biden and former president george w. bush will join him. doctors and first responders held a news conference at the hospital were victims of the dallas shootings were treated, dr. brian williams talked about his work to save the lives of those police officers and he gave his own diagnosis of what else is ailing the country.>> i understand the anger and the frustration. and distrust of law enforcement. but they are not the problem. the problem is the lack of open discussions in this country. and i think about it every day. i am able to save those cops when they came here
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>> watch live streaming coverage for funeral services, you can download our free wusa9 app. breaking news out of st. joseph michigan where two bailiffs and a gunman are dead after a shooting inside the berrien courthouse. a deputy and at least one civilian also wounded, state police investigation continues, the shooter was an inmate who grabbed a gun off a law officer and started shooting. he died in a shootout with police. the baton rouge district attorney announced they are recruiting themselves from the alton sterling investigation, sterling was shot and killed last night by baton rouge police, the da decided his professional relationship with the parent of one of the two officers involved, the justice department is leading the investigation. we are hearing from the lawyer for
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who shot and killed philando castile during a traffic stop. the lawyer says he pulled them over because he believed he resembled a suspect in a former robbery. authorities have not said if he was a suspect in the crime, the attorney said he was reacting after he told them he had a gun but no other details on what led up to the shooting have been revealed. an economist murdered while walking her dog. >> focusing on street crime in baltimore where police are trying to solve the murder. the roland park section of the city telling us more.>> reporter: this is kind of like a movie set, bricks and iv between the shadow of johns hopkins university, a neighborhood where the 59-year- old molly macauley lived in a neighborhood she loved and today after her death a neighborhood where a 62-year-
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thinking about buying a gun. >> we lost a very nice person. >> that is elaine parker who lived here 30 years, her neighbor 59-year-old molly macauley was stabbed to death friday night while walking her large dogs on this tree-lined sidewalk. >> maybe i will go and you know may be purchased that glock i was thinking about. but that is not an option. >> ultimo police flooded the neighborhood canvassing for clues. >> this is not a neighborhood used to this. >> others insisted they must continue to walk despite the fear. >> i think it is defiant. >> we are not going to be terrorized. if you do that you're giving into your fears and prejudice. >> macauley was a pioneering economist who specialized in satellite e
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for research at the dc-based think tank resource for the future. >> she loved the city of baltimore. >> her colleagues are crushed. >> she took in abandoned animals and she had that sort of sense of just kindness. >> disbelief, shock. justin not even thinking it was real. and then horrified. and feeling so much pain for her. for the way it happened. >> reporter: people who knew her are struggling with their emotions today. and throughout the weekend, right now police have no suspect and no description and no video this is a challenge to say the least for investigators. the city that macauley loved claimed her life at age 59. reporting live from roland parks
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>> macauley was single after being widowed, no children but she was in a long-term relationship. dc police canvassing the bloomingdale neighborhood handing out flyers with the hope they will lead to the arrest of a murder of a democratic committee worker. seth rich was shot to death early sunday morning. the murder may be connected to other recent robberies in the neighborhood.>> it is scary, i want something to be done. so far there is a lot of talk about stuff going on, but what is really being done? >> police say they regularly patrol bloomingdale and they are trying to figure out if surveillance video caught the crime on camera. we are tracking metro will and yellow line writers -- rider. stage iii fies
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cutoffs include the crystal city metro station the shutdown will last from seven days ending on july 18, shuttle buses will take passengers between all three stages. montgomery county 911 system up after going down for about two hours last night into this morning. ring the outage fire and rescue units responded to two medical emergency calls involving fatalities. the executive has ordered an investigation into what caused the outage. the presidential candidates look to unify the parties ahead of the democratic convention. a judge dismisses a charge against the latest officer on trial for the death of the freddie gray. high temperatures tomorrow, one more day below 90 degrees, 88 downtown, 87 elsewhere, we will talk about when the
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judge dropped an assault charge against a lieutenant who is on trial for the death of the freddie gray. involving the involvement during the arrest.
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adc federal judge sentenced a new york man to a year in prison for sending a swat team barging into the home of in annandale cyber security expert and other crimes. the teenager made mischief by revealing social security numbers and personal information. after it was written about, fairfax police were sent to a house with the report that russian thugs broke in shot his wife and placket box, -- placed bombs. more troops going to iraq, the announcement made today, the additional forces will help establish and retake airbases, a long-awaited battle to recapture posts
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the voluntary departure of family members of u. s. embassy staff in bangladesh. a series of terror attacks in the south asian country including a deadly hostage standoff in a restaurant earlier this month. coming up, forbes tweets the top spot on the list of 100 highest-paid celebrities. up next the trump movement tries to rewrite the rules one week before been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders appear ready to campaign together ahead of the democratic convention. >> their unity in contrast to republicans who face divisive efforts opponents to donald trump. mark alberts has the latest from the white house. >> donald trump rallied supporters in virginia beach with new jersey governor chris christie, a vice presidential contender warming up the crowd. >> i support donald trump and half for quite some time. >> the washington post says he will make up his mind on a running mate in the next three or four days. >> it will be america first from now on. america first.>> as the billionaire campaigns,
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last ditch effort to remove him from the ticket. they are hoping to rewrite the rules allowing delegates placed to trump to vote for someone else. a change that isn't likely to pass. >> we are defined by what unites us as a party. and we need to make sure we are standing and sending a clear message to the american people about what we are all about. >> meanwhile democrats are trying to unite after their own divisive primary with tuesday a key day in the effort. bernie sanders who won 22 states and competed against clinton until the end will appear with his rival at her rally in new hampshire.>> she is somebody seeking very hard to earn the trust of american people and bring us together. >> democrats hold their convention in philadelphia in two weeks. cbs news, the white house. a new washington post poll says the majority of americans, 56%
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disapprove of the fbi decision to recommend that no charges be filed against hillary clinton. for her use of a private email address and server while secretary of state. 35% approve of the fbi decision. twitter will live stream the online coverage of the republican and democratic convention, users can watch cbs and video of the convention on mobile devices and desktops. britain on track to have a new prime minister by wednesday, theresa may will replace david cameron after the brakes about to leave the european union. she won when her final opponent withdrew from the race. david cameron will turn in his resignation to queen elizabeth on thursday. teenagers who found an abandoned mine are okay. the mine wa
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miles. taylor swift tops forbes annual list of the 100 highest- paid celebrities, earning $170 million last year, the boy band one direction came in second with $110 million and author james patterson came in third with $95 million. forbes unveiled the list after tweeting at the cover featuring kim kardashian with the headline, the new mobile mogul, her and her friends were quick to react saying it was easy to see she would make a bunch of money getting into mobile. people can say what they want about her but you cannot deny her achievements and kim kardashian herself tweeted it is a tremendous honor to be on the cover of forbes. my dad would be proud. it has been available for a few days but the new pokimon go app has gone viral, among the stops in our area, the white house and pentagon,
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to catch and train virtual creatures called pokimon with this widely popular app appearing to be among us in the real world unlike traditional video games, players are getting exercise. >> you're not trapped inside in the dark you are outside getting exercise burning calories. >> at least they are being active. >> i have been doing this for an hour and a half and i am really tired. i will probably rest, eat and go back out.>> the game is not without real-world dangers, sheriff in st. mary's county tweeted don't catch and drive, look around when you are walking through town and in missouri three teenagers facing charges after robbing players at gunpoint.
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nice evening unlike thursday or friday evening you can exercise this evening. a beautiful evening leading to a mild night and nice tomorrow a few thunderstorms, yellow weather alert wednesday afternoon. because of thunderstorms and the morning will be fine, morning commute not a worry, evening commute even wednesday night we could see scattered storms, keep you posted on the. in the meantime 10:00 tonight, again not quite as cool
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very comfortable, 78 downtown 10:00. 73 in gaithersburg. and by the morning, 60s, low 60s this morning we will trade that in for mid to upper 60s, 66 in frederick and 67 in fairfax, low 70s downtown, by midmorning low to mid-upper 70s. by lunchtime some showers popping up either side of a i- 81. temperatures by then mid-80s. 85 downtown. by the evening, a couple of showers in martinsburg, winchester, may be down to western culpepper temperatures in the mid-80s. staying below 90 tomorrow. we get into tomorrow night some showers working their way across 95 a better chance of showers for our friends to the southwest tomorrow night. 70s to start, 80 by 8:00 and 85 by 1:00 p.m.
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degrees. 97 thursday, 95 on friday, nationals back in town a couple storms on saturday, better chance for storms sunday then an isolated storm monday, flirting with 90s sunday and monday. >> this is going to be a tough test this weekend in new york. they are battling some injuries, but they finished strong. a great way to end the second half of the season. the end of an era in the nba,
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. >> you know how when you are one or two days away from a much-anticipated vacation? your mind goes there it can be hard to concentrate on work or school. for the washington nationals they couldn't afford any of that daydreaming this past weekend, the last time the nationals and mets will meet until september, this series was crucial. they had danielle murphy delivering against his former team, seven home runs in 13 games against the mets. they have won three straight against the division rival. a six-game lead in the division. >> i asked the guys, let's finish strong. everybody finish strong.
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whether it is your homework or studies or baseball games, we finished strong. we beat a very good team, you got to win. >> opening of the second half of the season at home against pittsburgh this friday you can see the game right here on wusa9. he wasn't flashing on the basketball court but he was great. tim duncan calling it quits on his hall of fame career. no big press conference or to do about it all. the spurs made the announcement, no word yet from duncan himself, he spent all 19 seasons with the san antonio spurs, the only player to spend more time with one team was kobe bryant spending 20 with the lakers. duncan a 15 time all-star one of the best power forwards in the mba, don't argue with bruce about that. he finishes with five nba titles.
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another golfer ops out of the olympics, jordan spieth the third -ranked golfer in the world, the top four in the world not going to rio because of the zika virus. team usa represented by two top 10 players, bubba watson and rickie fowler. it is golf, they don't need the olympics. the masters and the u. s. open they have that. it will be interesting to see how long it lasts if this keeps happening. tomorrow is fine, no 90s but they creep up fast, wednesday thunderstorms and then 97 thursday, 95 friday, and also saturday and sunday storms back in town.
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